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We are proud to be one of the most trusted and reliable financial institutions in the community, with more than 90 years of proven financial stability. We're more than just a community bank; we are your financial partner.

West Town Bank & Trust was founded in 1922 and since that time we have been providing a wide variety of financial services including checking, savings, loans and mortgages. August of 2009, West Town Bank & Trust was recapitalized by a group of investors from North Carolina with a forward thinking management team. Eric J. Bergevin led the investors in the recapitalization and became the President and CEO of West Town Bank & Trust. He brought with him a fresh approach and a thorough understanding of how to manage a community financial institution in today’s environment. A combined senior management team is currently leading the organization into the future and is comprised of those that Mr. Bergevin recruited to help fulfill his vision.

Mr. Bergevin also led a group of organizers in the de novo efforts of Albemarle Bank & Trust (proposed) in 2008/2009.  With the recapitalization of West Town Bank & Trust he was able to fulfill the de novo organizers dreams of establishing a community bank in Eastern NC under the Name Albemarle Bank & Trust “a West Town Bank”.  The Albemarle Brand was sold to Sound Bank in 2017 and currently operates as Dogwood State Bank. West Town Bank & Trust retains its presence in North Carolina with Loan Production Offices in Edenton, Morehead City and Raleigh. We are pleased that we can clearly demonstrate that healthy, profitable results are still attainable in today's economy. Our mission is to use this same foundation to help you achieve your personal financial goals.